No matter the size of your project, the first stage of "getting to know you" is called programming.  For a small job, this may be simply a phone call to go over your needs and gather the data needed to solve your design issue.  In a larger commercial project, a meeting with several of your team members may be in order to fully understand your space requirements, brand, current furniture inventory and future furniture needs, growth, corporate culture and budget.


Each project is unique whether small or large, office or residence. No matter the type, each is approached with the client as a member of the design team.  Your insight and input is what makes an ordinary job evolve into a space that is exceptional.

Space Planning . Test Fits 

Space planning and 'test fit's' are like a puzzle; putting together the pieces in a manner that will ultimately make a beautiful picture. The information from the initial programming will provide optimum square footages for each function, area, and space.

Since this process is "on paper", Cole Design will can edit, add, and adapt the plans until you are ready to release them to be built. 



Interior Design

Interior Design brings the functional and aesthetic aspects of the project together into a coordinated solution that addresses your vision.  Presentation of  ideas will be in the form of drawings which may depitct space plans, elevations,  millwork details, lighting and electrical layouts.  Actual samples of the specified finishes will be provided to you.


Cole Design's  goal and commitment is to give you the best interior design solution for your project!

Furniture and Accessories

In both the commercial and residential design market, quality furniture is imperative.  Cole Design will help you navigate through the selection process of matching the best product with your budget, your space, and your timeline.


The final touches to the space, sometimes overlooked and often the smallest portion of your budget, are accessories.  Plan at the beginning of your project to devote some monies to finish well!